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kristy nightengale


Get To Know Me

And Why You Want Me In Your Corner

I'm Kristy Nightengale business & personal coach to goal-getters, fear-crushers and those daring enough to go after something big in the world...  It's an uncommon way to live that requires an entirely different approach.


​Because every next level requires us to become more, to break through our limits and embrace our strengths. That's why my coaching is stripped-down and streamlined so you can get the transformations you need minus the fluff. Real collaboration. Real results.

Get working with an expert coach, international award-winning problem solver, author, and serial entrepreneur with a 7-figure business under my own belt and an obsession for helping you break through to your next level of success.​



There's No Excuse Not To Do What You Love

I believe...

  • The only thing standing between you and the life you want is your willingness to fully commit.

  • Powerful actions yield powerful results.

  • If you want to go somewhere you've never gone, you'll have to do things you've never done.

Creating transformational experiences for uncommonly ambitious people has been my expertise and passion for over 15 years. I want you to get real results the easy way by helping you master the psychology of power.

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Working With Me

And how we attack your goals like gangbusters...

1.  Using the Psychology of Power we create the internal momentum to make significant changes instead of spending day after day wishing things were better.

2.  With the 80:20 Point Rule we create a personalized system to pinpoint exactly what to do next. Imagine the clarity and confidence that would bring.

3. Mind Priming is the secret sauce of one percenters. Use it to structure your mind for success by priming it with supportive habits, positivity and unshakable confidence.

3. Using Behavioral Leverage we get you in action mode. It's not just about cracking the whip, you'll learn to leverage tiny actions into massive momentum so you can finally see your biggest goals through to completion.

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